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I would struggle to pick my favourite Morgan Housel article – I was already a fan back in his Motley Fool days – but he just posted another.

Urging investors to play their own game, Housel says:

Someone recently asked how my investment views have changed in the last decade.

I said I’m less judgemental about how other people invest than I used to be.

It’s so easy to lump everyone into a category called ‘investors’ and view them as playing on the same field called ‘markets’.

But people play wildly different games.

If you view investing as a single game, then you think every deviation from that game’s rules, strategies, or skills is wrong.

But most of the time you’re just a marathon runner yelling at a powerlifter.

So much of what we consider investing debates and disagreements are actually just people playing different games unintentionally talking over each other.

As Monevator’s resident naughty investor who finds it hard to write freely on his own blog these days, I hear you Morgan.

Of course that’s my choice. I believe most people should be passive investors. So I’m wary of leading the wrong people off the right path.

Still, we’re big fans of do it yourself investing around here. For me that starts with realizing there’s no one right way to be an investor.

Lots of people have insights to share – even if it’s just to reinforce why you’re doing it your way. And soon we’ll bringing you some of these additional perspectives, courtesy of our very successful call for new writers a few weeks ago.

For now, have a great weekend! Only three sleeps to go until we can eat under a strange ceiling, like civilized human beings.

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And finally…

“When you look at the results on an after-fee, after-tax basis, over reasonably long periods of time, there’s almost no chance that you end up beating the index fund.”
– David Swensen, Unconventional Success

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