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I noticed as I compiled today’s links that I’ve a new favourite investing blog. Who Enso Finance is I’ve not idea (and s/he is in great company there!) but I’m looking forward to their musings each week.

Take the latest post on the limits of diversification:

Most things die. All things change.

The ultimate failure mode for diversification is to consider it in too narrow a context, and mistake our attachment to particular mythologies, cosmologies, and models for the immutability of those things.

There are many triggering ways of illustrating this, but I’ll leave it at this: society can remain communist longer than you can remain alive.

I have been linking to Enso Finance for a while. No reader has yet picked up and commented on anything below, though.

Perhaps it’s a blog that you need to have been around the block a few times to gel with? It feels to me full of deep wisdom. Like talking shop with the oldest genial person in the office.

If you’re a veteran investor I say give it a try.

Have a great weekend everyone!

From Monevator

Irish ETFs: post-Brexit CDI switch – Monevator

Do you have an investing edge? – Monevator

From the archive-ator: Tax relief upfront is the same as tax relief later – Monevator


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Private sector growth at eight-year high as retail sales jump – Guardian

UK public sector spending deficit hits £303bn post-war record – Pound Sterling Live

House prices hit all-time high; beach huts lead the market in price inflation… – Country Life

…as total property sales hit 16-year high – Guardian

Government to pay £120m to London Capital & Finance investors – Which

FCA warns social media sites it will act on risky investment offers – Guardian

Credit Suisse raises capital after the Archegos blow-up – Reuters

Value has a long way to go before it catches back up with growth – The Irrelevant Investor

Products and services

Vanguard launches price war in UK pension market [Search result]FT

‘BankHub’ trials an alternative to High Street branches – ThisIsMoney

A three-year face-off between Nutmeg, Wealthify, and VanguardMuch More With Less

Nationwide increases borrowing limit to 5.5x salary, with a five-year lock-in – ThisIsMoney

Sign-up to Freetrade via my link and we can both get a free share worth between £3 and £200 – Freetrade

The pros and cons of using a buy-to-let managing agent – ThisIsMoney

Gates, cameras, and home security systems are more costly than you might think [Search result]FT

Barclaycard reportedly facing customer backlash after slashing credit limits – ThisIsMoney

Homes for sale near water, in pictures – Guardian

Comment and opinion

Investors are the moths, markets are the flames – A Teachable Moment

Does withdrawal frequency timing alter success in drawdown? – The Poor Swiss

How much should you have saved by your 30s? – A Wealth of Common Sense

Bonds as investments today [Podcast, fortnight old]Wealth Managed

Is the exhausting cult of productivity finally over? – Guardian

Adaptation – Indeedably

Wooden spoons – Humble Dollar

Central bank money printing is largely irrelevant to money supply and inflation – Factor Research

Investing is a joke mini-special

The most annoying bull market of all-time – A Wealth of Common Sense

Yeah, I bought some Dogecoin today – Slate

The era of the joke as an investment idea – Of Dollars and Data

Naughty corner: Active antics

With specialty funds, bigger has been better – Morningstar

Understanding edge – Party at the Moontower

Increasing disclosure requirements could hurt investors – Albert Bridge Capital

Wall Street has mostly given up on shorting pricey stocks – Yahoo Finance

Why should equities be fairly valued? – Behavioural Investment

Endowment performance has sharply deteriorated since 2008 – TEBI

Covid corner

India’s Covid surge affects the entire world – Slate

Kindle book bargains

Bezonomics: How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives by Brian Dumaine – £0.99 on Kindle

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss – £0.99 on Kindle

Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking by Matthew Syed – £0.99 on Kindle

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Turbulent, Triumphant Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made by Jason Schreier  – £0.99 on Kindle

Environmental factors

“Urgency and agency”: Michael Mann on conquering climate despair – Behavioral Scientist [h/t Abnormal Returns]

Off our beat

How people get [really] rich now – Paul Graham

The self-educating child – Mr Money Mustache

How many T. Rexes were there? Billions – Berkeley News

Parents are sacrificing their social lives on the altar of intensive parenting – The Atlantic

How one man accidentally became a global fashion brand – Guardian

The creator crisis forced artists to be founders [Podcast]Josh Constine

And finally…

“Why do bubbles end? One obvious reason is that they run out of fuel.”
– William Quinn, Boom and Bust: A Global History of Financial Bubbles

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