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What caught my eye this week.

I got the call to be vaccinated against Covid this week. I admit that being in the midst of reading about super-rare blood clots linked to certain Covid vaccines at the exact time didn’t fill me with joy.

But as Tim Harford says in the Financial Times:

An educated guess, based on UK data, is that being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca jab carries a one-off risk of death of one in a million — not much higher than the risk of dying in an accident while travelling to a vaccination clinic.

Compared to all manner of sacrifices and gambles we take every day – for ourselves, and for the people we care for – these are tiny odds.

And in particular, as someone who spent the first few months of this pandemic wondering whether perhaps a persistent lockdown for all was the wrong strategy, given the low risk for most (a position regulars will recall I’d abandoned by the end of summer, in the face of the evidence) it would be hypocritical indeed to try to duck a one-in-a-million dice roll.

Not least on a personal selfish basis.

Even if you believe that your personal odds of a truly bad outcome from Covid are very low, as I do, I would definitely not claim mine are anything like as low as one in a million.

Or even one in 250,000 for that matter (the rough estimate of suffering a non-fatal clot).

Or even one in 50,000!

But that’s the human brain for you.

Odds that you can persuade yourself look long in the abstract can make you queasy when you will take even more unlikely ones in the next 15 minutes.

Vacillated or vaccinated?

I’ve included lots of links below for anyone who wants to know more on this blood clot issue.

All my friends have been thrilled when they’ve got the call to be vaccinated. Now my generation is on-deck, my social media is ablaze with vaccinations. My co-blogger The Accumulator booked his shot the moment he got the link. Most readers will be equally keen to get vaccinated ASAP.

A few readers are borderline anti-vaxxers, though they may dispute it. I appreciate I’ve opened the subject here. But that’s because I want to do my bit to make the case for taking the vaccine, even if you’re of a nervous disposition, as a coda to our discussions on Covid over the past 14 months.

In any event, all comments I personally consider unscientific or conspiracy-based will be deleted at my whim. (Hopefully this won’t happen. I very rarely delete comments.)

Ready or not

Ultimately it’s still a personal choice in the UK. For most adults, the best decision clearly looks to get vaccinated.

For ourselves and the wider good.

Let’s not forget that those arguments some of us made about deaths due to NHS disruption and so forth from a hard lockdown hold equally true here.

If the entire UK population of roughly 67 million could get vaccinated tomorrow and a worst-case 67 people died, who could argue more lives wouldn’t be saved overall by the health service, society, and the economy (and tax take) getting back to normal…

Will having the shot involve a dice roll?

Yes, like everything else in life.

But as a friend of mine quipped to me as my own jab approached, you’re rolling a dice with 1e6 sides!

As for the usual side effects, I’ve been lucky. Just feel a bit congested.

Hopefully many millions more 30-minute sessions like mine will soon put this thing behind us.

Have a great weekend!

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