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Perhaps it’s too early to tell what category the Coinbase IPO falls into.

The companies that choose to go public in a mature stock market boom often make interesting watching.

At one extreme you get the flakier – sometimes borderline fraudulent – firms cashing in on giddy investors who’ll pump up the price of anything.

At the other end you have demonstrable juggernauts and cash cows. Very successful companies that float because… if not now, then when?

Roblox – the computer game creation kit that’s bewitched a generation of kids – and Bumble – the dating app that’s sowing the seeds for the next-generation – come to mind.

Coinbase is coining it

With many investors still skeptical that they should own any cryptocurrency, the public listing of the dominant platform in the space may well seem chum for the credulous.

On the other hand Coinbase has already been valued at around $100bn, pre-IPO.

That’s a loot of moolah for a firm trafficking in supposedly made-up money.

Clearly, present conditions seem exuberant for blockchain technology.

Bitcoin flirted with a new high near-$58,000 this week. Coinbase boasts $90bn in assets under administration. And the NFT (non-fungible token) craze continues, as I cover in a second mini-special in our links this weekend.

I wonder why Coinbase is IPO-ing right now?

I would suggest anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency has a read of the Coinbase’s S1 filing. This pre-IPO document is a primer on the entire crypto ecosystem, with pretty graphics and all.

You could also check out The Conventional Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin, published by Morningstar this week.

Can Coinbase cut charges?

I don’t think I’ll be racing to pick up Coinbase shares. I like and use the business, but I can’t stomach the forecast valuation.

Coinbase’s fee margin is enormous, and seems unsustainable. It’s not clear to me whether it can achieve the scale presumably needed for fees to come in closer to what we’re charged for trading securities on other platforms.

Still, $100bn eh? That’s almost as big as Lloyds, Barclays, and Natwest combined!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope you manage to legally meet a chum for a coffee on a park bench somewhere.

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Get a Kindle and dramatically reduce your risk of suffering paper cuts.

Environmental factors

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And finally…

“Along with longevity and climate change initiatives, farming forms part of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of investment opportunities in the next 50 years.”
– Jim Mellon, Moo’s Law

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