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What caught my eye this week.

I sold a six-figure shareholding last week for a phenomenal capital gain – over 1,000%.

For historical reasons the shares were held outside of an ISA. This means I’ve got a big capital gains tax bill coming, despite years of defusing.

The sheer size and hence risk of this single position – and the awkwardness of trading it outside an ISA – meant something had to be done. Rumours that Rishi Sunak might raise capital gains tax rates tipped me over the edge.

Like most taxpayers I remind myself I support an accessible health service and a welfare safety net. My sister is a nurse.

Thank you NHS.

But not to the tune of a mooted 45%!

To stash or not to stash the cash

The lessons of this investment – and of getting rid of it – will be fodder for a future post. As will be my specific findings from what happened next.

Which was deciding what to do with it.

Remember, I’m running a big interest-only mortgage, which through one lens is borrowing to invest. So somewhat risky.

Euphoria abounds in the stock market today – and elsewhere. Bitcoin just breached $56,000. Bulletin boards are blowing up hedge funds. Growth stocks seem unstoppable.

Even with nominal yields on government bonds sneakily rising, real yields remain very low and confidently predicting an imminent bust is folly. But it hardly seems imprudent to take some money off the table.

The trouble is where to put it?

I knew, of course, that rates were very low. I sort of assumed if I dug around I’d eek out something decent across multiple savings accounts.

But no, not to the extent it’s worth the hassle.

Long story short, Premium Bonds seem about as good a place as any for the maximum I can put in them.

I will keep a further chunk in cash, despite inflation eroding its value. I’ve felt too light on cash ever since I bought my flat, and I love Jamie Dimon’s description1 of having a fortress balance sheet. It’s time to rebuild my walls.

Otherwise, I’m thinking I might actually throw a few pennies at that big interest-only mortgage that half of you hate so much!

I’d presumed I’d run my mortgage full tilt for a decade, at least. But it is looking like some of my expected investment gains have probably been front-loaded.

What’s more, my bank’s rates have already floated off the floor. I have two years left of my very low five-year fixed rate to run. Given the odd way I got this mortgage, the end of this term could be a non-trivial event.

It’s still tempting to stash the cash rather than lock it away forever by paying down some of my mortgage. Even at a cost of lower returns from savings. The set aside cash could cover several years of monthly mortgage payments in a pinch. Sunk into the mortgage, it only reduces monthly payments by less than £100.

Also it’s entirely possible I’ll never be able to get a mortgage of this size again. Not without buckling down and ramping up my earnings, and even that hasn’t helped in the past. (I’m self-employed, one way or another.)

On the other hand, repaying debt charged at 2% looks sweet in a world that barely pays you for lending it cash and expects every share to go to the moon.

Lucky bastard

I’m aware this problem is plucked from the box marked Nice Problems To Have. Despite vast State support, many people and businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic – including several unlisted companies I’ve invested in.

How they’d love to have the headache of where to stash thousands of pounds in cash.

All I can say is I planted the seed of this windfall many years ago, when times were good and most people were spending freely. Now my investment has matured and blossomed. We all have to manage our own finances as best we can, whatever is going on in the world.

Luck won’t always go my way. That’s why I – like you – save and invest for the future. I fully expect to be hit by future tax rises, too, to pay for furlough and other breaks I didn’t get a penny of (but nonetheless supported).

But that’s more article fodder, I guess. Another dividend from reshuffling my assets!

Where would you stash the cash – or would you just save it for the mother-of-all post-lockdown parties? Let us know in the comments below.

Otherwise have a great weekend.

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