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What caught my eye this week.

Most people have given up on a V-shaped recovery. The concept of a U-shaped one is positively passé.

As for the Swoosh – please!

Nope, the latest red hot letter to explain the state we’re in comes with the K-shaped recovery.

As Barry Ritholz rather reluctantly explained this week:

If you were to describe the 11th letter in the English alphabet to someone who has never seen it, you would note that it is distinguished by a bold vertical line, from the midpoint of which begins two rightward traversing lines, one slanting 45 degrees upward from the horizontal, and the other 45 degrees downward.

This description of the economy fairly captures the two separate paths of the recovery.

The line heading upward symbolizes those parts of the economy that have benefited from pandemic […]

The line heading downward symbolizes, well, pretty much everyone else.

Here’s an illustration from the US Chamber of Commerce:

Source: US Chamber of Commerce

Does it apply to us, too?

Many Monevator readers are richer than they were in January. We’ve retained our jobs, spent less due to being locked-in, and may also have seen our US-heavy portfolios rise, especially if we’ve some bonds and gold, too.

At the same time, other Britons caught in the wrong place when the music stopped – particularly those who fell outside of the safety nets, such as directors of the wrong limited companies – have been hit hard.

Ritholz sees the K-recovery as a continuation of wider trends:

Over the past four decades, the U.S. has become a nation that has seen the benefits of economic growth, productivity and innovation accruing to fewer and fewer people.

Once a nation of ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’, we are now a nation of ‘Haves’, ‘Have Nots’, and Have Much More’.

The last category has left the first two in the dust.

Here’s an example of the K-shaped recovery applied to the US workforce by The Washington Post, cited by econlife:

OK Computer (says no)

Here in the UK I’d say we’ve only seen the ghost of a K-shaped recovery so far.

Government support and the generous furlough scheme curbed – or at least delayed – the lived impact of the UK’s brutal GDP collapse.

While we have plenty of rich individuals who are doing alright, sector wise we don’t have a vast tech industry that can benefit from the upper leg of the K. At the same time, the Eat Out to Help Out scheme may have helped the K’s lower leg look kinkier for the hospitality sector.

Not wildly convincing.

Ultimately the letter K will probably prove about as useful as the letters that preceded it in predicting what will happen next.

Which, to my mind, is not very useful at all!

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And finally…

“Poker isn’t just about calibrating the strength of your beliefs. It’s also about becoming comfortable with the fact that there’s no such thing as a sure thing – ever. You will never have all the information you want, and you will have to act all the same. Leave your certainty at the door.”
– Maria Konnikova, The Biggest Bluff

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