Way back in the mists of time spring we solicited questions from you for Lars Kroijer, our favourite hedge fund manager turned promoter of passive investing.

You replied with dozens of queries. Almost hundreds. Enough to make us pause and consider how we should go forward.

With the markets riding high, you asked, was it better to wait for a fall before investing? Active managers might lag the market overall but why not invest in those who are winning? And should you hedge your currency exposure?

The questions piled up in comments and over email.

Hence we’ve decided to try something a different – a tie-up between Monevator and Lars’ popular YouTube channel.

Every month we’ll pick three or four of the questions and answer them individually, in video form, as below. If this works then it will hopefully become a regular feature. We’ve already got enough questions to last until 2023 or so, and I’m sure more will come in over time.

So let’s get started!

Please note that embedded videos are not always displayed by email browsers. If you’re a subscriber over email and you can’t see the three videos below, please pop over to the Monevator site to read this: Q&A with Lars Kroijer.

Why not wait for the market to drop before investing?

Congratulations to Monevator reader Steve L. who pops the champagne bottle on our series with a question about market timing:

The pros and cons of currency hedging

The next question is from Richard J., who is concerned about the exposure that his passive funds have to foreign currencies:

Why not invest with a winning fund manager?

Finally for this month, why not run your money with a star fund manager like Nick Train or Terry Smith, asks reader Paul K.?

Until next time

We know it’s been a bit of a wait to get started with these questions. But hopefully the news that reader favourite Lars will be a regular feature on the site for a while makes up for it.

Let’s hear what you think about Lars’ replies – and any other feedback please – in the comments below.

Check out Lars’ previous Monevator pieces and his book, Investing Demystified.

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