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What caught my eye this week.

There are some writers who can knock out zingers worthy an entire article from a rival hack, and one of investing’s is Jason Zweig.

In fact it’s a good thing Zweig is so pithy, because most of the piece the following quote is from sits behind a Wall Street Journal paywall.

If I ask you in a questionnaire whether you are afraid of snakes, you might say no.

If I throw a live snake in your lap and then ask if you’re afraid of snakes, you’ll probably say yes – if you ever talk to me again.

Investing is like that: On a bland, hypothetical quiz, it’s easy to say you’d buy more stocks if the market fell 10%, 20% or more.

In a real market crash, it’s a lot harder to step up and buy when every stock price is turning blood-red, pundits are shrieking about Armageddon, and your family is begging you not to throw more money into the flames.

Then risk is no longer a notion; it’s an emotion.

If you do have a subscription to the Journal you’ll find the rest there. (Do tell us if there’s anything else to beat that opener.)

All else I can do is point you to a sample from Zweig’s Devil’s Financial Dictionary and a few wordier pieces we did on assessing your own risk tolerance:

Have a great and snake-free weekend!

From Monevator

What is a master pension trust? – Monevator

From the archive-ator: Financial calculators and tools collected – Monevator


Note: Some links are Google search results – in PC/desktop view you can click to read the piece without being a paid subscriber. Try privacy/incognito mode to avoid cookies. Consider subscribing if you read them a lot!1

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Products and services

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Homes for sale with blue plaques [Gallery]Guardian

Comment and opinion

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UK Brexit plans fail all basic backstop tests, warns EU [Search result]FT

Kindle book bargains

ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried and David Hansson – £1.99 on Kindle

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion – £0.99 on Kindle

One Last Job: The true story of Brian Reader, the man behind the Hatton Garden heist by Tom Pettifor – £0.99 on Kindle

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO is Shaping our Future by Ashley Vance – £1.99 on Kindle

Off our beat

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How mobile phone battery icons shape our perceptions of time and space – Phys.org

What if Donald Trump [or Brexit…] just happened by accident? – Yahoo

And finally…

“We don’t need to outsmart everyone else. We need to stick to our investment discipline, ignore the actions of others, and stop listening to the so-called experts.”
– James Montier, The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

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