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A few of you have been asking what happened to our pal Lars Kroijer? And it’s true, there was a time when you couldn’t turn to Monevator without tripping over another great article by the ex-hedge fund manager turned index investing ultra.

Well, I’m pleased to report that Lars is well and so are sales of Investing Demystified. However there are only so many ways you can urge people to buy a global index tracker (tell us about it!) and I get the sense he’s enjoying a bit of a break.

Never one to ignore a hint, however, I was able to penetrate Lars’ chill-zone defenses and persuade him to make another appearance on this website.

Instead of an article though, Lars wants to do something different – a real-life Q&A where he responds to reader questions.

Lars suggested doing it live, but I watched too much Blue Peter as a kid for that and feared a calamity. So instead he’ll record a video answering your questions and we’ll post it here.

Of course that does mean we need some reader questions to ask him…

So, what would you like to know from a man whose career improbably straddles the spectrum from successful hedgie to best-selling passive investing author? Asset allocation, overseas bonds: yea or nay, whether the hedge fund world is really as witty as Billions, do they eat Danish pastries in Denmark – all fair game I reckon.

Please ask a few good questions in the comments below. Otherwise we’ll have to pad out the Q&A with karaoke requests, and nobody wants that…

From Monevator

Can you invest your way onto the Rich List? – Monevator

From the archive-ator: A mortgage is money rented from a bank – Monevator


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Pound slides to four-month low as Brexit talks end – BBC

BT to hand £500 of shares to each of its employees – ThisIsMoney

What matters most for our life satisfaction? [Data]Office for National Statistics

US birth rate lowest in three decades, despite improved economy – Associated Press

(Click to enlarge)

The 150 apps that power the gig economy – The Visual Capitalist

Products and services

ETF veteran hits out at negative-fee ‘gimmick’ launch – CityWire

Swap gold for Bitcoin, says fund that has $1.2bn in Bitcoin – ETF.com

Ratesetter will pay you £100 [and me a cash bonus] if you invest £1,000 for a year – Ratesetter

Will anyone save the investment trust saving scheme? – IT Investor

A dive into investment trusts that yield 4% or more – ThisIsMoney

Charlie Bilello: Bitcoin has generally been a poor hedge against equity declines – via Twitter

Fidelity’s new 0% index funds versus Vanguard [US but interesting]Budgets are Sexy

For sale: Homes used as TV and film locations [Gallery]Guardian

Comment and opinion

Why keeping up with inflation isn’t enough – SL Advisors

The avocado principles [Month old but worth it]Seth Godin

Who can you trust with your money? [Search result]FT

Larry Swedroe: Emerging markets need time – ETF.com

Would being richer make you happy? [Podcast]ThisIsMoney

…actually, money can buy happiness – A Teachable Moment

The not so obvious reasons why people want to achieve FIRE – Financial Samurai

Power of two – Humble Dollar

What should you do with an inheritance? – A Wealth of Common Sense

Why a lack of competition is rubbish for investors [Search result]FT

Meb Faber interviews valuation guru Aswath Damodaran [Podcast]Meb Faber

If ‘Hot Hands’ do exist, what then? – Morningstar

Is buying expensive stocks – priced above 10x sales – ever a good idea? – Alpha Architect


Tory-Labour Brexit talks end without deal – BBC

Labour’s Brexit tactics are failing spectacularly – Guardian

Is there a single Blue Rinse Tory who doesn’t fancy a knee-trembler with Boris Johnson? – Guardian

Kindle book bargains

My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired by Benjamin Spall – £1.99 on Kindle

Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump £1.99 on Kindle

So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport – £0.99 on Kindle

The Personal MBA: A World Class Business Education in a Single Volume by Josh Kaufman – £1.99 on Kindle

Off our beat

Goal! The football league that helped one man lose five stone – Guardian

What happens when a podcast addict goes cold turkey for two weeks – Fast Company

Air pollution is slowly killing us all, new global study claims – Clean Technica

Manchester restaurant accidentally serves £4,500 bottle of wine, but wins on social media – CNBC

And finally…

“Wealth is not an absolute. It is relative to desire. Every time we yearn for something we cannot afford, we grow poorer, whatever our resources. And every time we feel satisfied with what we have, we can be counted as rich, however little we may actually possess.”
– Alain de Botton, Status Anxiety

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