There is a great new portal open at Anyone interested in trade or commerce using gold dinar and silver dirham (sound money) this is the place to visit. They currency offer a new MasterCard that can be loaded using e-dinar.  Here are the details.

This is a Prepaid Mastercard in EURO currency, that you can load using E-dinar. You can deposit money on this card by making an E-dinar transfer, and you can also load the card with a classic bank transfer. This cards is a very convenient and very simple prepaid debit card, you can only use the balance you have on the card. You can withdraw cash at ATM Machines all over the world where Mastercard is accepted, you can pay online using this same care, you can also pay in Physical Shops, Hotels, restaurants etc.. where Mastercard logo is displayed. Thanks to Dinarex Exchange portal you can even withdraw money from your Prepaid Card to your E-dinar Account. Our cards price includes FEDEX shipping cost as we do not ship the card by regular postmail services (too much trouble and lost cards by postal services)

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