Jon Matonis has been appointed as the new director and will start immediately.

Via the Bitcoin Foundation blog

As of today, Jon Matonis has accepted my offer to join us as Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. He starts immediately, although he’ll take a few months to ramp up to full time.

This is a coup for the Foundation. I believe Jon’s work experience and passion for Bitcoin will combine into something awesome here. I’m excited!
Since we can’t have two Executive Directors, this means I’ll be giving up my ED title. Practically, this will have zero impact on my day-to-day with the Foundation; since we’ve launched, I’ve spent about one day a week in my senior leadership role at the Foundation, spending the other four on CoinLab’s paying work. I will continue to put in that time, but now I will be able to rely on Jon managing and growing the organization; this will allow me to do more of what I think I should be doing — strategizing, building relationships, fundraising and speaking.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Jon so far; he’s smart, often contrarian, and cares very much about our mission. I imagine we won’t always agree, but the last year has made for a productive beginning to a partnership, and I have a feeling the entire Bitcoin community will benefit from this hire. Welcome, Jon!
Read the post in its entirety here.

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