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I wrote a big introductory musing article about the state of the world as usual this morning, but it’s so long that I’ve decided to save it for a future post in its own right.

It was riffing on this post by David Schwartz in the Financial Times about high yield shares (that’s a search result – click the article near the top).

So you can go read that to get prepped up. :)

Look on the bright side – less homework for you before you get to dive into this week’s links!


From the blogs

Making good use of the things that we find…

Passive investing

Active investing

Other articles

Product of the week: Credit Unions have often been touted as a post-crisis alternative to greedy Big Banking, but The Guardian reports one a month has been going bust. They’ve been smaller operations so far, and savers were compensated up to the £85,000 FSCS limit.

Mainstream media money

Note: Some links are to Google search results – these enable you to click through to read the piece without you being a paid subscriber of the site.

Passive investing

  • Interview with passive investing legend Charles Ellis – CNN Money
  • US investors increasing their reliance on ETFs – FT

Active investing

  • Great write-up of the Berkshire annual meeting – Jeffrey Matthews
  • Has Australia’s luck run out? [Search result]Merryn/FT
  • Lesson from Buffett: Doubt yourself – Wall Street Journal
  • The oil and gold booms are over – Bloomberg
  • Alternatives to ‘terrible’ bonds [Search result]FT

Other stuff worth reading

  • Co-op Bank downgrade: Is your money safe? – Guardian
  • Time to buy a Euro property bargain? – Telegraph
  • Where is property cheap but family friendly? [Interactive]Telegraph
  • Peston: Who should get our RBS and Lloyds shares? – BBC
  • Wall Street is back – The Economist
  • Why you’re right to fear the news – MarketWatch
  • Soros debating Europe [Long!]Project Syndicate (or Reuters’ recap)
  • The biggest retirement myth ever told? [US, would love to see UK data]Motley Fool

Book of the week: Early reports are that Baz Luhrmann’s movie version of The Great Gatsby isn’t so great. Read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s amazing account of the dark side of wealth and power on Kindle instead – it’s just 49p!

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