Why I Gave Up On Groups 30 Years Ago

Around 1970 we helped to found & organize the Libertarian Party. We thought the Libertarian ideas were “just great” and would soon be accepted by everyone. But we forgot that every idealistic program, ideology or religion, necessitates that members agree to basic tenets of the program. The idea of Libertarianism is to maximize personal freedom while tolerating minimum government to prevent violence, fraud or life-threatening invasions.

Thus all members should have gone along with the program to maximizing personal freedom. In real life that didn’t happen. Along with thousands of members with the best intentions,

We got joiners who were crooks, psychopaths & strange perverts. They were “people with other agendas.” All Libertarians were supposed to be responsible and productive. Yet some new members were self-destructive or hell-bent on taking advantage of a diminution of government to promote their own agendas.

In the blush of youth, I think we “founders” looked upon Libertarianism as the way to eliminate taxation and most government. I think we believed that people would magically act for the good of all without any Big Brother government. In real life, it turned out that the invisible hand needed guidance — some enforcement of a common morality was desirable.

As a result of our experience, some of us started to believe that our own “deviants” needed watching over. Unfortunately “deviants” are too often defined as “folks who don’t agree with our perspective, our agendas, even our religious beliefs.” This creates a class of folks whose “deviant” behaviours harm no one except some cherished belief we hold.

Tolerant me felt, “Why worry  about “other people?” Such things as “gay marriage” “recreational drugs” or any “problem” that doesn’t involve serious damage to others should be ignored.

The Libertarian goal should be maximum freedom. Anarchy, up to the point of life-threatening chaos, is O.K. It’s not only “OK” – it’s the preferred way of life…”

When some people in government start pandering to pressure groups or lobbyists who give them something in return for “special favours,” that government, becomes fatally undermined. When those in power (for instance) start taking bribes, the communist system as well as Libertarian Democracies will fail…

When libertarians/anarchists act in an economically or otherwise irrational way, their ideal world with no government also flops.

The ideal for me was and is that everybody should be free to travel, to settle anywhere; to keep their assets & earnings & to do what they want (without hurting others); to earn an honest living by providing any honest products or services that other people want.

No violence against others. No stealing. No fraud. Beyond that, it should be unlimited freedom for all. “All that is not specifically forbidden by law must be allowed.”

But what if some of those people have as their main goal, undermining such a system and replacing it with a theocracy? For people who won’t go along with the new order, dissidents and bad guys is it to be re-education, regulation, punishment, banishment, confinement or death?

What is the solution? As Winston Churchill may have said “Democracy is terrible and unjust — but to me it seems to be better than all the other ‘answers’….”

For a while in the [early] USA, you needed to be a responsible property owner to vote. But then, “one man one vote” became the norm. … With one man one vote, the current progressive tax practice came into being. Today in socialistic 1st world democracies countries, unproductive have – nots take from those with deep pockets. I concede that there may be times when forcibly “spreading the wealth” it the only way to compensate for past abuses.

Theoretically it might be a good idea, yet redistribution followed by unfree markets can also result in general impoverishment — as it did in Communist Russia. It is also historically true that with free markets, once land and wealth are redistributed by force, it only takes a generation or two to re-concentrate the land and wealth back into the hands of a few.

Letting “good Christians” run the world sounds good, but good Christians [like good communists or good fascists] often tend to be very intolerant, — as are most people of strong beliefs. Those who have a direct pipeline to God or the “Only True Path”; know that they are always right. Those in power usually or eventually feel that everybody who doesn’t agree with them should be burned at the stake, stoned, or equivalently liquidated.

We see that as of current date, war protesters, “dissidents” and people we think are “good” are often labelled as terrorists. They face all kinds of problems {including jail time, death and torture in places like China, USA & elsewhere}.

Their crime? Openly disagreeing with government policies. Of course this isn’t new. 

Voltaire noted that “It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong.” Anarchists, Libertarians, Peace Activists and others — don’t want to live under the thumb of “authorities” or “other people.” Unfortunately, in a Democracy, when the majority have other “populist” ideas, people like us have to move on — in a physical way — or be crushed.

What am I leading up to? Nobody seems to have answers that work for “Society At Large.” but I did figure out an answer for me personally and for those who share my Libertarian views.

How to attain personal freedom?

Become a P.T.!

To help those who think like me, all the PT gurus including Harry Schultz, W. G. Hill, Harry Browne, Doug Casey, Peter Trevellian— developed the PT Philosophy. The PT idea is to look after yourself and your extended family; to be ready to quit any group or move out of any country that controls or regulates you in a way that’s dangerous or uncomfortable. You can’t save the world from a jail cell. If you are marginalized, poor and powerless, you can’t do anyone any good.

PTs can and will help others but in general we feel that the first priority you must run your own life effectively and with maximum freedom;

  • It is possible and desirable to stay under the radar.
  • You needn’t let any government have control over you, your earnings or your assets. …

That is the general subject of all the PT books and the “Six P.T. Flags.” It is all you need to be free & prosperous.


What’s a PT?

  • A PT is somebody who is Prepared Thoroughly for any eventuality or situation.
  • A PT lives stress-free and sleeps soundly at night because he or she is Prepared Thoroughly.
  • Want to be Invisible to Potential Enemies & free to concentrate on the good things in life?
  • A PT is a Prior Taxpayer; a Privacy Thinker – a Perpetual Traveler or Permanent Tourist who is just Parked Temporarily or Passing Through.
  • PT is also a form of defense: Protection against Tyranny. Some people have called PT “a coherent plan for a happy, prosperous international lifestyle.”
  • PTs would probably just say it is the ‘Perfect Thing.’


Want to learn more about the PT Path?

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