Many people would benefit from knowing more about passive investing. But not many of those people are prepared to read about why it’s usually a superior strategy to active management.

No, not even when the articles are as delightful as those stored up by my co-blogger The Accumulator in his passive investing guide.

Indeed, a good argument as to why active funds remain so popular despite the evidence that most fail to beat index funds is that active funds are much better at marketing. The devil has all the best tunes, they say!

But what about a movie about passive investing? Surely even your most disinterested friends and family might be persuaded to spend an hour watching pretty pictures explain why passive investing is the best way to build their long term wealth?

Passive investing: The Youtube movie

Okay, so there’s no chance of a 54-minute Youtube video being sexier than Gordon Gecko’s dodgy dealings in Wall Street, but it might just be more profitable.

Grab some coffee, a significant other and/or a bag of popcorn and enjoy!

Well, what did you make of it? I think the film does a pretty good job of laying out the basics. The overall production quality is excellent.

And so many A-list stars of the index fund world!

Of course we were slightly miffed we didn’t get a call to the casting couch here at Monevator. (It’s a UK production, after all).

True, our anonymity clause would have got in the way. But then again we might have been presented as shadows cast upon on a wall, with our words of wisdom dubbed with unlikely, rough-sounding accents. It would have given an underground ‘smash the establishment’ vibe to proceedings.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Perhaps we’ll shoot our own art house movie!

Please share your passive investing film reviews in the comments below.

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