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I know my co-blogger The Accumulator has a cult following among Monevator readers, but I never expected to see a financial product bearing his own name.

Of course I can’t be sure that the money-amassing Accumulator device was named in honour of our parsimonious comrade-in-arms, or even inspired by him.

You’ve got to admit though that this fancy tube for collecting £1 coins does fit his mantra – it’s simple, cheap to run, and it can be operated by any DIY investor who has a pulse and the ability to save the odd £1 coin when holidaying in Bognor.

But I’m not going to take this lunge for fame lying down, rest assured. If The Accumulator can have a low-tech saving’s vehicle, then I think it’s time I finally launched my eagerly-awaited hedge fund.

The Investor’s Massively Asymmetrical Risk-Arbitrage Diversified Holdings Unit will invest in literally millions of distinct assets, each with their own bespoke characteristics.

And I can guarantee that there will be at least some people who are made into millionaires by the operation of my new hedge fund. (These people will be shown off at fancy City gatherings in order to convince more lucky punters to get into this great opportunity).

Of course, I shall be taking the customary 2% off investors for getting out of bed.

I shall also be gobbling up the quaintly traditional 20% of any profit made by my investors.

And how will it work? Oh, you don’t need to worry about that. It’s a black box, isn’t it? Trust me, I’m a soon-to-be rich hedge fund manager!

Okay, as you’re a loyal Monevator reader, here’s the skinny: Every week I will round up my investors’ money into a specially selected asset class that I have selected for return characteristics that are completely uncorrelated to the stock market.

In short, I will spend everyone’s money on lottery tickets – after my 2% take, of course.

It can’t lose!

(Well, I can’t lose.)

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Product of the week: The Fixed Income Investor website likes the look of the Alpha Plus 5.75% retail bond.

Mainstream media money

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Passive investing

  • ETF names can be misleading – WSJ
  • The seductive Warren Buffett… – Reuters

Active investing

Other stuff worth reading

  • What has gone wrong with hedge funds? – CBS
  • ISA limits raised, AIM-shares may become eligible – Money Observer
  • Jim Slater: It wasn’t just about the money [Google result]FT
  • UK Autumn statement: Income tax changes – The Guardian
  • Peer-to-peer lenders like Zopa to be regulated – Telegraph
  • Why all-cash portfolios can be risky, too – CNN
  • Peston: The tax choices faced by companies – BBC
  • The big long: Bets on US property recovery – The Economist

Book of the week: I have no opinion on The Aftershock Investor: A Crash Course in Staying Afloat in a Sinking Economy but I would point out that it’s just one of many gloomy investment books published in 2012. Like this fund manager, I think that might be bullish for the stock market.

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