Beltronics Pro GX65 Radar Detector (Black)

Beltronics Pro GX65 Radar Detector (Black)

  • Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, Ku, and instant-on “POP” radar alert, Safety Warning System message display in an easy-to-use sophisticated laser detector
  • Permanent relief from false alarms, including automatic door openers, motion sensors, and other radar-based sensors
  • Safety Camera Database provides warning for thousands of locations throughout North America
  • Variable Speed Sensitivity provides real-time radar protection based on your vehicle’s speed
  • One-year limited warranty

Today there are more ways to get a traffic ticket than ever before. The good news is that BELTRONICS is one step ahead. The all-new Pro GX65 works like an inside informant, keeping you up to date and well informed on potential threats. This pocket sized marvel incorporates our award winning long range performance to give you the best defense against the latest arsenal of radar and laser guns. In addition, the GX65 comes complete with a pre-loaded database of “safety cameras,” including red l

List Price: $ 469.95

Price: $ 389.99

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