MIAmobi(TM)SilentPocket(TM) Large Dual Zipper Bag

MIAmobi(TM)SilentPocket(TM) Large Dual Zipper Bag

  • Stop GPS Tracking
  • Block RFID
  • Silence Cell Phone
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Sanitize Your Mobile Device

This versatile MIAmobi Large Dual Zipper Bag features 2 pockets: The SilentPocket for blocking RFID/GPS and sanitizing your tablet, netbook, or e-reader and silencing your cell phone. The second soft, cotton-lined pocket for personal items, or when you want your devices active for downloading and receiving calls. Natural leather outer protects and looks great! Zipper closure and optional wristlet. Protect Your Identity. Empower Your Lifestyle. Available in Black or Dark Brown Natural Leather.

List Price: $ 152.00

Price: $ 152.00

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