One of our most frequent requests is from readers who recognize the importance of protecting and growing their assets offshore, but who do not necessarily have large amounts of capital at their disposal. We also hear from people who want good investment advice, from people who “think like us,” but again with low minimum balances.

Our research has led us to start a relationship with a relatively new but very promising offshore bank in the Caribbean region, that offers a number of benefits not found in the other banks we work with.

This bank is 100% transactional: it engages in no leverage, speculation or proprietary trading. It has relationships with two strong and respectable European banks, Saxo Bank in Denmark and Commerzbank in Germany, and a number of proprietary funds ranging from extremely conservative, to a more exciting and speculative ‘fund of funds’ option that opens up the world of high return hedge funds to small investors.

The minimum to open a simple bank account is just US$ 500, including access to internet banking and card services. Offshore corporations are welcome and accounts are typically opened within 24 hours when all the documents are in order, with the minimum possible bureaucracy.

If you are an active trader, with $2,500 you get access to a trading platform including FX crosses, stocks, CFDs etc on 20 global exchanges, futures contracts, options and more. If you’re more of a passive investor, with the same amount you can invest in the proprietary funds. The minimum to buy Perth Mint gold through the online platform is just $5,000.

We’ve been very impressed by the personal service level of this bank. Even for smaller investors, a private banker is allocated who will be your primary contact, by telephone, e-mail etc.

Whether you are taking your first steps offshore, or an experienced investor looking for a friendly bank that understands your investment objectives, this bank could be ideal for you.

Unfortunately this bank does not open accounts for US citizens or residents, even through corporations. For Americans we can recommend a similar bank that still opens accounts for Americans and offers broadly the same services, though a little less flexible in our opinion. For Americans looking for a typical larger private banking relationship, we also know a number of banks that still accept such accounts, though it is becoming more difficult every day.

In line with our usual policy, to protect the privacy of the bank itself and its other clients, we won’t name the banks here in public… but please feel free to contact our offices for a personal introduction by e-mail at no additional fee.

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