Problems With Second Passports

A second passport is also known as economic citizenship passport. But being described simply, it is just a pass to get back to your own place. There are only few places that require this passes just to get back home. They say that this is required for security reasons. Yeah right, that’s what they say. To travel, you need to possess a passport, but no, that’s not enough. They are going to ask for a second passport and then for first timers they would probably say,” what the hell is that for?”. But regardless of how many times you bash the travel agency, you are not getting on any plane until you present them your second passport. So you don’t have any choice but to get one. You ask yourself,” is this really that important?” Whether you like it or not, it’s pretty important.

It’s not really that difficult to get a second passport. Some other states allow the use of common documents and identifications like a birth certificate or a driver’s license. But because of the rampant falsifications of the above mentioned papers, there have been questions regarding the security of the country. Crooks of every form are roaming different states and doing their stuff which is kind of disturbing. Have the government failed in keeping our place safe? To solve this problem, travel agencies have devised methods to further scrutinize the people coming and going. And it has helped in some degree too. Common offenders nowadays are having a difficult time in presenting old fraudulent documents. However, there are still those who can get past authorities with their fake second passports. There is also this question of levels of inspection when it comes to the release of second passports. Since a driver’s license can be used as second passport, criminals get theirs from states that are not too strict in giving out second passports. There are loopholes upon loopholes in every security detail.

Before anything worse happens, all concerned parties should be more vigilant when it comes to this matter. It may not be that easy but something a lot bigger is at stake. Second passports may not seem very important to others but overlooking this could lead to worse things.

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