Formerly good sources of PT related info have soured

It is great to see a new generation of individual sovereignty advocates
taking the stage. Our course, for the most part, they are preaching to the
choir. Naturally each one has a slightly different spin and often has a
plan that involves selling a solution or a seminar.

PT Refuge is definitely the choir (though some of us are preachers). And
there seems an amazing variety of members who have solved their own
disconnect in clever ways. And that¹s what¹s important. While ³one stop²
solutions are always wished for, such as going to Casey¹s Gulch in Argentina
or Simon Blacks farm outside Santiago, the fact is that most will not and
there are truly good reasons not to.

This is an adult journey for anyone who would attempt to find ways to fall
off the databases of a government who claims jurisdiction over his person
and to forge their own sovereignty.

My point: there remain a number of ³tried and true² providers of individual
services of use to those on their journey. Amazingly they are none of those
on Lucky¹s list. Look at it from another point of view. Imagine you have a
way to get bank accounts opened. Or a real citizenship through backdoor,
but not illegal, methods. You cannot write stories and daily dispatches or
notes from the field about this. Or they go away. The providers of such
services cannot come right out and talk about them. They cannot build
seminars around them. They cannot be at the forefront of new thinking and
new heat. Those who are in the limelight must preach white glove solutions
if they want to move around freely and those are not always effective in the
long run.

For nearly thirty years, the sovereignty/PT advocates have preached the
Zen-like paths to individual sovereignty. And, while the journey may be a
bit scarier these days, the paths are amazingly the same. The only question
is how to accomplish it for each person. The current roadshow preachers
hopefully will get a new crop of humans stirred up enough to act and thank
God for it. But, in the end, each person must act on his own and find a
crevice that his own life fits into.

In the end, it gets down to the same five or six flags that have evolved and
each one must be planted by the escapee himself. I would argue that the
sources of PT-related products and services are alive and well (and wish to
remain that way). Further, each potential PT is charged with eking out his
own flags and should not approach it like a one-stop-shop trip to Wal-Mart
via the latest gurus.

And in my agedness, the most important one seems some sort of portable trade
or occupation that doesn¹t require ³checking-in² to ply it. The internet
may be the most important of these. It is great to get up the nerve to
leave one¹s country of original citizenship but unless you can feed yourself
³off the grid² so to speak, and instead must check-in to another system, you
haven¹t accomplished a great deal IMO. Getting financially self-sufficient
is job one.

  1. Yet, I am still convinced that the vast majority of governments, are
    mainly focused on increasing and maintaining their own power without
    much interest – or concern – for specific individuals. This is
    probably more true if one vocally supports strong governments.
    Obviously this doesn’t apply to much of the western democracies, which
    glorify the individual and thus have the urge to also supervise each
    and every one of them. Other countries have systems that are more
    comparable to some turn-of-century monarchies, which were arguably the
    freest societies in recorded history.

    Of course, to make jurisdictional arbitrage (c1991) work for you, you
    need to divide yourself and learn to do without having your human body
    owning anything, while your commercial being pairs with commercial
    entities that do own things for the benefit of the body. Or, in
    English, before you leave BB land, hand your assets to a local company
    with which you control their use in one way or another. Especially
    But when doing so, take the long view and look at history too, before
    deciding which jurisdictions to include in your design. The US and the
    UK have dispossessed their people of the “unsuitable ethnic background”
    during both world wars and governments in Latin countries typically
    don’t need a reason to confiscate whatever, whenever from whomever,
    for the common good.

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