Is Anonymous Surfing Possible Through Proxy Websites?

Anonymous surfing is perfectly possible nowadays but you have to be extremely careful how you do it. If you browse on the web on the subject unfortunately many people focus on the solution being find an anonymous proxy and surf through this. Although it’s true these proxies do offer an element of anonymity, some are extremely dangerous to use.

Let me be quite clear on this point, if you use a free anonymous proxy and you have no idea who owns/runs this server then you are taking an enormous security risk with your data. Let me tell you a very brief story to explain my point.

I used to have many ‘honey pots’ on my home network, these are basically unprotected servers which you put on the internet basically to see what happens to them. They must be isolated from your other network and you have to monitor them very carefully but they are fascinating to study. Anyway I routinely had these servers sitting open and unprotected, they were very quickly hacked (because they were not patched it was extremely easy). I would then monitor what happened to them.

There were several things that happened to the majority including being turned into FTP servers or IRC servers, bots or spam relays. However another common result was to have a proxy installed on them, this was then usually left open for everyone on the internet to use, basically my server was turned into a free anonymous proxy. I usually had to take the server off the network very quickly when this happened as I would end up with a huge bill for my bandwidth!

This is however how the majority of free anonymous proxies come into the world, they are ordinary servers hacked or misconfiguration then everyone surfs until the owner removes them. The scary bit is what usually happened next – the proxy would be set to log everything or a network sniffer would be installed to capture all the web traffic going through that box. Maybe the hackers thought that it was OK to steal the data, passwords etc of those who tried anonymous surfing?

If you want to read about some of my thoughts on using free anonymous proxies and how you can surf without being spied on, try the link below, from there you can also try out a demo of the most secure, sophisticated web browsing product available anywhere.

Try the new free demo of Identity Cloaker on the link below.

Anonymous Surfing Demo []

Take care and stay safe.


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