Know More About the Countries Offering Second Passport for New Identity

Today there are thousands of websites offering a chance to a new life. The easy, fast and cheap way out is by getting a second passport. These documents are valid proof of identification that you can use to transact and do business in another country. A second passport means dual citizenship which also means a large number of advantages. However in lieu of the terrorism attacks in 2001, many countries around the world close out their fast passport programs. You can still of course apply for a second passport if you can show proof of birth or residency of 5 years or more in that country. Due to these reasons there are enormous risks of being scammed with the current offers that you are seeing online. This article will give light on the countries offering second passports which you can use to build your new identity.

You may have heard about fast track naturalization or what is famously known as economic citizenship program. This program was once the haven for many who wanted to escape the lives that they live in their current country – fast. Thus it is one of the most sought after second passport programs during the 80’s and the 90’s. In the recent years, these programs are now only allowed by 3 countries, the Commonwealth of Dominica (different from the Dominican Republic), St. Kitts and Nevis and lastly Austria.

Many other countries also offer fast track second passport services although they do not usually legalize it. It usually offered to foreigners who have interest to invest in their country. They usually offer fast track citizenship if they are aware that the investment will somehow help in the financial advancement. This possibility lets any person seeking new identity realize their dreams.

There are certain requirements as well for this kind of passport services; usually a big amount of investment should be produced. One of the problems though is anything that is not legalized may one day cause trouble for anyone. In the case of fast second passports, another government may take over and question the legality of the investment.

Before there are a lot of countries offering second passport citizenships like Belize and Grenada, and Panama. Today only Panama re instated second passport programs which you can apply citizenship after a period of residency is completed.

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