Facts About Anonymous Surfing

One of the most common problems that people encounter when using the internet is hacking. Hackers tend to pry into web surfers’ data lines and using other people’s identity. By going through your IP or Internet Protocol, a hacker can find out your address, your operating system and your internet browser.

You may think that firewalls and anti-viruses are enough to protect your computer. They may provide protection against junks and viruses, but they are not much of a help in protecting you from hacking.

Hacking or hackers, in a way, invade people’s privacy and there are no laws that can put them to jail. Offenders get out of their bad deeds unpunished. So, how can you protect yourself from people who want to hack your computer?

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your computer from hackers and this is by anonymous surfing. Surfing anonymously provides fast, easy and surefire way of securing a web surfer from hackers.

What is anonymous surfing? What protection does it offer? And, how does anonymous browsing works? Anonymous surfing is a very big topic. However, if you simplify it, one may define it as an action which helps make internet surfing untraceable. Anonymous browsing uses a tool generally called anonymizer or anonymous proxy which connects to the internet on the behalf of the user.

Proxy servers often act as barriers between web surfers and web sites. Anonymous surfing allows users to keep their computer’s real IP address unknown. Anonymous surfing uses proxy servers which make everything you do, every web page you open and everything you download will be undetected.

With anonymous web browsing, you can visit web sites without being tracked. Whenever you visit a certain website, the remote server cannot see your IP address, instead, it sees the information of the proxy server. With this, you can surf the web without worrying that your computer or any of your private information will be hacked and used by other people.

Today, there are a lot of web sites that offer anonymous surfing services. They provide hundreds of proxy servers which will allow you to safely visit web sites without decreasing the speed of your internet connection.

Most, if not all of these companies that offer anonymous surfing services, can be searched using your preferred search engines. However, you must also be aware that not all of them can be trusted. So, try picking the one with good ratings from users and one with a clear privacy policy.

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