Why I Use Anonymous Surfing Software

Are you aware that all it takes for a crook to withdraw your bank savings is to install a small program on your computer without your knowledge? And with that one small program, the conman not only acquires the ability to manipulate your bank accounts, but your credit cards, and even stop you from using your own mailbox!

You may have antivirus installed, even the best that money can buy. Still you can be the next victim of such frauds and cons. Due to the simple fact that your internet browser cannot assure you of anonymous surfing. Here is proof that you are not surfing anonymously.

Every time you log into any instant messenger you are opening your computer to attacks from the computer of the person you are talking with and all the other computers the connection has to pass through to enable instant messaging. Your messaging is never anonymous surfing like you assume. In fact many messengers even carry a warning to not divulge any financial information.

Whenever you go online shopping, are you aware that the shopping websites are placing trackers called ‘cookies’ on your computer? And this is done without your permission. Even if you do not enter any name or personal detail on the site all cookies carry your name. So obviously you are not doing any anonymous surfing at all.

All online searches done by you are also under scanner by miscreants waiting for a chance to make profit out of your vulnerability. The spyware installed by them observe your searching patterns, your browsing habits, your frequent purchases and then relay the info to vested interests so they can redirect your searches to their own websites. This, of course, is not anonymous surfing.

When you have spyware on your computer, you can be absolutely sure that you will also have adware following it. Spyware follow your browsing and adware directs your browsing to websites profiting the spyware and adware creators. When you do anonymous surfing this does not occur.

Every time you check your mails you see it full of spam mails. If you were actually doing anonymous surfing, spam mails will not find a way into your inbox. Spam mails pose a double danger as they not only fill up your mailbox with junk mails but many also carry programs dangerous for your computer like, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and more.

So how can you prevent such crimes from being committed against you and ensure anonymous surfing? There is only one way to take care of your internet privacy and that is to install anonymous surfing software as soon as possible. The only defense you have to prevent you from being the next victim of a phishing scam, spyware and adware attempts, and spamming is to have your computer armed with anonymous surfing software which will repel such attacks.

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