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Acts of treason are being committed against the American people as you read this.

Today, the National Defense Authorization Act is in the House where they will be debating the intricacies of whether or not Americans can be detained in our own country if they are classified as a “threat”.

What this means is – if you tweet, or Facebook, or speak out controversially (much like this post that I am writing), then you could be seized, taken away without warrant and without Miranda rights, and be dumped somewhere for the rest of your life. Do you not like the TSA and do you say something about it? Do you think that Congress is doing a bad job? Do you think the President is doing a bad job? Are you part of the Tea Party? Are you part of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Do you keep a storage of food at your house? Do you carry a constitution and have a gun? YOU are a threat – and with this new provision, you could be taken away at any time without due-process. THIS IS IT.

What if someone doesn’t like you and tells government officials that you are a threat and/or a terrorist? What if YOU get picked up and detained with no trial?

This bill and its provisions actually passed in the Senate last week with a vote of 97 to 3 – this is real and is happening. Only three people in the Senate should be re-elected in my view. This is a complete affront to the American people – only three Senators had the tenacity and courage to stand up for what is right. Do you see how choosing a lesser of two evils for so long has brought us to this? This is evil.

Do you know that right now, vehicles – commercially marked and otherwise – are actually collecting information and used to spy on whoever they want? The scary thing is that this has been happening and is becoming more prevalent as we speak. I drive up and down I-25 and have seen the trucks and the cameras – have you looked around you lately?

I cried when the TSA agent touched me because I refuse to be scanned like a piece of meat at the airport, and today I sit waiting to see if there are any representatives left with the gumption, integrity, and foresight to protect the American people from this horrid piece of legislation that endangers us more than any terrorist threat could. It makes us slaves and dis-empowers us. It uses fear as a force. This is what tyranny looks like, and it is sneaking up on the American people. Where is the media – the fourth check on government? SHAME ON YOU. Shame on you for being a part of this evil capitulation into slavery.

My country, please, do not act in fear. Do not stand for this behavior. We are good and strong people and do not need these types of provisions and enforcements to protect us. We need love and peace and GOD – no government can protect us and scare us into this type of insanity. I am telling you, and telling the representatives of our country to stand up for us and do the right thing today and from here forward. We will not stand for this. As my hero Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

S. 1867: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012…

Download the Bill Here:
National Defense Authorization Act_HR 1540

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