Russian Internet-company Yandex has signed an agreement on cooperation with Steam, the US-based Internet-store selling computer games, RBC daily reports citing the Russian company.

According to the agreement with the Yandex.Money application, games distributor Steam is to accept the Yandex currency.

According to the research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Russian market of videogames totals about $486m. By 2015 the market is to double to about $1bn. Aleksander Pastushenko from the software company 1S, which is also engaged in localization and distribution of games for personal computers in Russia, notes that as of now the percentage of online-sales is rather small – 10%, all other sales are through retail. “National users are not used to paying online for games that need to be installed on the computer. They would rather either purchase a box version of the game, or use a pirate version, than put in their credit card details. However, the situation is changing fast,” the expert believes.

A source in the Yandex.Money adds that traditional retail of games is more expensive than their digital distribution, and now the Russian gaming industry stands a chance of getting an inexpensive channel for legal sales. “Expenses on online-distribution via Steam are less expensive than on traditional box distribution. The issuers will be able to enjoy 70% profit versus 30% in the case with retail”, Asya Melkumova from Yandex.Money said.

Distributor Steam sells games of the largest world producers, such as Ubisoft, Electronics Arts and Revan.

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