Israeli Passport


Every citizen must have a passport – even a baby


New passport

You need to go to the ministry of interior with your updated picture (presence is required). You should come when it’s not the holidays season and at the morning.

For an adult, the validity of the passport is 10 years from the day it was given (section 4a). If the validity of the passport is less than 10 years, you can extend it, as long as the sum of the extensions is not bigger than 10 years.

For a minor (till the age of 18), the validity of the passport is only for 5 years, and a parent presence is required. In case the parents are not married, both parents need to come.

There is a passport with 64 pages designed basically to business men who fly frequently.

Passport extension

In Israel, extending your passport doesn’t require payment.

You can also extend it in the airport, but the price there is very high.

Its open 24 hours a day, not including Saturdays and holidays, and on Friday, they work till 14:30.

While you’re abroad, you can extend your passport at the local embassy/consulate. In Israel, you can use the 171 postal service, and a messenger will bring you the documents for a fee.

In case the passport was stolen or lost, the renewal in Israel is valid for one year only, whereas abroad you will receive a pass certificate (for your information, some countries don’t allow passing through them with it, so you’ll need to check it) or any other certificate so you can continue the trip. It’s your duty to inform the local police or the representatives back at your country and bring confirmations that you have lost or, bring two passport pictures, documents that you download from their website or at the consulate/embassy. You are also recommended to bring a picture of the lost/stolen passport.


Renewing lost/stolen passport costs money.

Important rule: the passport must be in valid for at least half a year from the time you leave Israel’s borders. There are countries, like Turkey and the Czech Republic that require at least 3 months validity.

In case you have another passport, you are allowed to carry them both. When you arrive or leave the country, you must bring the Israeli passport, and when you arrive abroad, you can choose which passport suits you.

The guidance is conclusive, and reasonable: don’t take the passport out of your sight, even for a second. At the check-in, you can see that the officer prints the first page at most places, compares it to the information in the computer, and sings the passport.

At the front desk in the hotel, for the convenience of the clerk, he demands that you leave him your passport, so he could write your information. First of all, you don’t hand out the passport to someone you don’t know (terrorists pay a lot of money for an Israeli passport). Second, your passport is your method of identification abroad.

 You cannot leave the passport in the reception when you register, but they can copy your passport with the following information: your first and last name, the year you were born, your nationality, and your passport’s number (it takes no more than a minute). They can’t copy anything else (they don’t need to), and they must return it to you as soon as possible. These actions must be made in your line of sight and you need to watch if they copy it like the original. The only place it’s allowed to print your passport alike is at the check in at the airport.

If you don’t want to stand on the this principle, give them a copy (size 1X1 with a passport picture – laminated), and make sure you take it back. At the rest of the time, the passport must be found on you, at all time, and just in case, store it with your money, licenses, flight tickets and credit cards in a pocket’s sock or in an interior pocket you sewed, attached to your belt.


Scan all the important documents you own (including the passport) before you fly, and send it to your private email account, just in case you might need it (it will be easy to print it from all over the world).

 Today, a biometric signature is available (reading you palm), and it saves a lot of time waiting in line for the clerk.


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