Guide to Getting Runescape Gold

Many players worry about how to get money. Here are some ways to do it in Runescape without restorting to the services of gold sellers.

There are many paths to glory in the popular free mmorpg Runescape. One of them is by acquiring as much gold as a character possibly can to acquire the best loot, a nice house, and other status items that would be more impressive if the pixels on the screen could be translated into the real world.

Even Runescape players who are not concerned about their status need gold. New weapons need to be bought, items need to be replaced, and sometimes a character needs food or just to spend some time at a local bar. The problem for the average character then becomes how to get gold.

The author does not approve of many gold guides on general principles, but occasionally a player must know legitimate ways to get gold that do not involve exchanging real currency for currency that can be used only in a game such as the kind offered by Runescape gold sellers. This Runescape gold guid will not make the player who follows it rich, but it will help the character acquire gold when he needs it for quest, trade skills, or other purposes.


Using Trade Skills to get Gold in Runescape
Trade skills are not always implemented to gain money, but a few in Runescape are good money makers. Fishing can provide a small amount of income to the determined player, but the best options for making gold in Runescape are woodcutting, farming, and monster slaying, which is not the same thing as killing monster. Below is a short list of useful and profitable trade skills or subsets of the crafting skill.

Jewelry Crafting
Monster Slaying
Other Ways to Get Runescape Gold
Trade skills are one way ensure a character has a steady flow of income in Jagex’s popular free mmorpg. One Gold guide recommends going into the sewers of northern ladder until the player find a latter. The method used is to kill the bear, if it still attacks a character, and then pick up the two piles of gold that keep appearing in the room.

The more standard role playing tradition of killing monsters for loot is the way most players earn Runescape gold. As such, there will be certain spawns that drop valuable loot and the process that has become known as farming items for cash comes into play. Farming involves going after a certain monster or series of monsters until a desired item drops. If it is fairly a common and item, the process is repeated and the player makes money by making a lot of sales.

The structure of Runescape makes farming a little less likely, but in the above example with the bear, it is possible if the player knows which mobs to seek. Getting gold legitimately can be a time consuming process, and is worth it when a character really needs to get an item or just finds the shininess of gold appealing.

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