Diplomatic Passports: Protects the Rights of Diplomats

The diplomatic passports can be simply defined as the passports issued by a country to its diplomats working in the country’s offices and consulates, located at different countries and nations. A Diplomatic passport is the simplest way to protect the rights and interests of a diplomat, stationed outside the country. The concept of issuing a separate passport for diplomats came into implementation after ‘the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations’ in 1961.

The convention passed a ruling which states about the “diplomatic immunity,” for diplomats that cover the inviolability and jurisdictional immunity in the stationed country. Here, inviolability refers to the carrying on strict legal actions such as the arrest or police remand, custodial protection, forced access or seizure of buildings, search & seizure of goods & property. In order to provide the best working environment without any pressure and force, countries do shield their diplomats working on different missions on behalf of the government of that particular country.


Diplomatic Agents — Whom to Protect?

Under the agreement made under the Vienna Convention, a diplomatic agent and the members of the diplomatic staff of the mission are given the official security by the government of their home country. In addition, members of the diplomatic staff having no diplomatic rank are also liable for diplomatic immunity. However, the protection given to diplomats varies from designation to designation. Private servants working under the ranked diplomats are eligible for protection given under the responsibility to the staff clause. However, family members of private servants are not covered by the provisions of the Vienna Conventions.

Coverage Available for Family Members

It is important to notice that family members such as spouse and children forming part of the household of a member of a mission enjoy the same kind of privileges and immunities as provided to the member pf the mission. However, there is no as such term “family” is defined by the convention and the meaning of the term varies from the country to country.

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