Anonymous Internet Access – How To Get Anonymous Internet Access

Want to get anonymous internet access?  You can anonymously surf the internet by using a proxy server.  Proxy servers allow you to change your IP online and remain 100% anonymous.  They are the best choice for anyone wanting to hide their IP online and their identity while still being able to surf and access websites as they would normally using their home computer.

Proxy servers work by acting as a middle man for your web surfing.  Instead of surfing the website directly using your home computer and its IP, you use the proxy server to do the actual web surfing and it transfers the information back to your home computer.  This means that the IP you use online is the proxy server one and not your home computer.  This makes you completely anonymous and no-one can detect the real iP of your home computer.

Not all proxy servers allow you to have anonymous internet access.  To be anonymous online you need to make sure that your proxy server is an elite proxy.  Elite proxies have a stealth feature which makes them undetectable.  Any IP you get from an elite proxy looks like the IP from your home computer.  No-one can detect anything different about an elite proxy IP and you look like an average Joe surfing the internet.

For the best anonymous internet access experience, discover how you can get your own elite proxy.  You’ll have access to a new IP, be anonymous online and no-one will even know how you did it.

Setting up your own Elite Proxy is super easy. Use it as a Craigslist Proxy with your Craigslist PVA.

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