Money lies gold tells the truth

The world financial systems have been pushed to their limits, to much fiat money has been printed, to much debt has been accumulated We are at the point now seeing what most people have been saying,”something is going to happen”.

It’s happening, countries are going bankrupt, people are waking up to the facts, they have been lied to, the monetary systems of the world are criminal organizations, and the people have been robbed blind. A huge ugly mess has been created, it should be obvious the rich want the poor to clean it up. Not going to happen.
We have had ups and downs in the past on country to country basis but this time it’s different it’s world wide this time. There is a link at the bottom of this article where you can get more information.

Gold and silver have survived as real money for over 6000 years, this time is no different except given the magnitude of the problems and the fact that gold and silver prices have been manipulated to hide the amounts of fiat currency that have been printed there will be a coming readjustment.
As things get worse there will be a rush to buy gold and silver, this will be financial salvation for a lot of people it is right now the best protection from what’s happening and the best investment.


Some experts are predicting silver going to as high as 0.00 oz and gold to ,000.00 oz you don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to, I however believe it possibly could, we are in new territory here and what may be called the perfect storm. It is going to get real ugly real fast.

Some conservative estimates are gold going to 00.00-,000.00 in next few years. What’s interesting is these people keep raising it as new news keeps coming out about the trouble the world is in financially.
There is civil unrest coming on the scene as people are starting to realize they have been robbed. Wealth is never lost it’s transferred and the game has been rigged.

The wealthy know how to protect themselves you should too, gold and silver are and have always been the way. You may have to sell some property even take out a small loan but with predictions coming out that 95% of the people going bankrupt in the next 3 years, it should be obvious if you don’t you are going to lose everything anyway.
It is time to take action now this window of opportunity will not be open for long, most are going to miss it. This can be your financial salvation and opportunity of a lifetime.

There are links below to my websites where you can find more information about what you need to know. Here is my link to what I believe is the best company in the world having lowest buy/sell rates and opportunity to partner and make some money.

There is also more detailed information at this site about the power of gold and silver over fiat currencies. If you happen to be someone that has money sitting in the bank, you had better act fast and convert it to real money. When it crashes you will crash with it. The link below has absolutely no obligations whatsoever, enjoy.

Dennis Marsch KB Gold Vision Partner. Author “Evil Genius Exposed”.

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