Diplomatic Passport Services

Diplomatic passports are referred to those passports, issued to diplomats and responsibility for identification of diplomat representatives of their home country. In addition, diplomatic passports are also issued for home employees serving on long-term international assignments in other countries. So, the importance of diplomatic passport cannot be denied.

Services of Diplomatic Passports

Issuing diplomatic passports are a necessity everywhere. First of all, for safety purposes in any foreign soil makes a country to issue the diplomatic passport. Simplifying this line, it cannot be wrong to say that each and every nation demands respect for its diplomats on a foreign country. Normally, it is seen that in case of hostility, diplomats are often withdrawn for their safety reasons. There have been cases when diplomas have been recalled due to a perceived threat while serving in a friendly host country. Diplomatic passport services also help in many other ways to help diplomats of availing all the benefits of another country.


Privileges of holding Diplomatic Passport in Foreign land

Usually, different nations have different process by which they extend diplomatic courtesy and decide their rights and pleasures. However, diplomats generally hold following privileges in countries where they serve as a diplomatic representative:

Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic treatment by governments

No Tax Liability on income outside the host country

Unlimited entry and exit from host country

Usage of the diplomatic channel at airports

Unlimited business scope

State granted gratuities and perks

Free upgrades on airlines, car rental, hotels

Priority booking on reservations and much more

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