Dear GBULLION clients,

In the past year alone the value of gold has risen nearly 30%. In what is seasonably the best time to buy gold, investors are increasingly turning to other avenues than their local coin or jewelry store in order to obtain the time-tested safe-haven.

Online purchasing is gradually becoming the preferred method for acquiring gold.

That in mind, over the last three months GBULLION DMCC has undergone some major changes to become an even more affordable and attractive online resource for you!

The Great NEWS:


Gold buying fees have been re-estimated and consolidated, and GBULLION now sells gold at a price no higher than 1.2% above the Gold Spot Price. The minimum purchase amount is only 1 gram of gold, and liquidity is ensured by GBULLION’s guarantee to buy gold back at the Gold Spot Price whenever one needs to sell. GBULLION DMCC’s gold buy-back is completely free of charge.

Besides, the withdrawal of funds from GBULLION system back to local (UAE) bank accounts has become 4 times cheaper! Check out the current rates on our website:


From this September onwards GBULLION is not only able to sell gold closer to the spot price than anyone else in our business segment but we are also working with Brinks to take the extra step providing FREE DELIVERY to any airport in the world when gold delivery is requested. Today GBULLION is the first and only licensed gold supplier that covers worldwide shipping costs. So whether you’re a jeweler, investor or electronics manufacturer you can be assured to get your gold delivered to you when you want it with no shipping costs.

Check out the terms of delivery on our website:


Originally positioned to capitalize on the European market demand for gold the local market in the Middle East began to take notice of how GBULLION positioned its services and as a result the growth prospects are quite promising! The first month’s feedback have proved a great interest in the service, that is why we expect a rapid growth of online gold trading popularity in the region!


Don’t forget to check GBULLION News Portal.

GbullionNews provides you with a daily round up of the latest gold related news, comprehensive gold market analysis and gold investment research, as well as keeps you updated on the current gold price information.
Purchasing, storing, insuring, delivering and selling gold online is the new framework for investing in gold. If gold is the right investment for you do your research and make sure that each of the providers make these options available. You will soon realize that this list is not very long and that GBULLION is not only on that list but has the lowest costs of them all!

Should you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help you!

Kind regards, GBULLION Team
GBULLION DMCC Office 507, Gold Crest Executives Tower, JLT Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +(971) 42932648

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