Uses for Anonymous Proxy Surfing

Anonymous proxy servers are used by people for different reasons which include: keeping businesses anonymous, securely connecting to the Internet when traveling, and protecting personal privacy. An anonymous proxy is used for all three purposes by hiding your IP address and encrypting your connection; allowing you to be invisible while you surf the Internet.

Anonymous surfing for business use is ideal for many different reasons. Most websites record your IP address and can tell where you are surfing from, your port number, and a lot of other information. Proxy servers allow you to remain anonymous while researching competitors, since they have no record of your IP address. You can also bypass restrictive posting limits and anonymously publicize on your own website without breaking any spamming policies. Anonymous proxies can also save company money since you don’t have to hire someone to post for you. Since your IP address is like your ID card for the Internet, websites and forums block you based on your IP address. You can unblock yourself from sites where you might have been previously banned since you will be surfing with a fresh IP address.

As a traveler anonymous surfing is important too. You might want to use the Internet in a local hotel or an airport that offers high speed internet. These are the most common places people are hacked since most of those lines are unsecured and can be easily infiltrated. Someone sitting across from you at the local Starbucks can hack your connection without disrupting your system. You can now check your finances or other sensitive information, worry-free, since anonymous proxy servers protect all of your wireless activities when you are in a hotel or an airport. Your connection is secured with data encryption.

Anonymous proxy surfing is the best way to maintain personal privacy on the Internet. Surfing through a proxy can protect all of your personal information and thwart identity thieves. Identity theft can occur by having your sensitive information snooped through an unsecured connection, or by tracking your IP address. An anonymous proxy can also stop marketing companies and search engines from tracking and recording your surfing habits. Anyone trying to track you will not be able to tell your location because anonymous proxy servers will mask your IP and make it look like you are surfing from a different location.

Anonymous surfing provides total protection for personal use, business use, and traveling. You can rest assured no one is tracking your online activities when you are surfing the web, or sniffing personal information from an unsecured connection. Your data will be encrypted and secured, and the only information a company can track is what the server allows them to.

Tino Bruno is the Internet Marketing Specialist for award-winning software developer Privacy Partners. He has been with Privacy Partners since college and strives to ensure all computer users maintain their Internet privacy and online safety. Come visit for more information on staying protected while surfing the Internet.

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