Shed the Shackles of One Government with Dual Passports

No doubt, you’ve heard a thing or two about having dual passports, or dual citizenship.  However, most likely, you have no idea what it’s really all about, little notion of how this can actually help protect you and your family. Having more than one passport is vital – no self respecting person should make do with just one passport.  Why, you ask?

If you have just one passport, you are at the mercy of one government.  When things begin to go wrong with that government, you have nowhere else to go, no other recourse but to stick it out and see what happens.  This can have terrible results.  If you are forced to live solely under a single government that does not represent your morals, or is hopelessly corrupt, things can become very bad, very quickly.  You’ll find that the government begins encroaching on your life, seizing assets under thinly veiled pretexts.  You may even find yourself in hot legal water through no doing of your own.  However, you’ll have to pay – so says the legal system of your nation.

Having two passports can help here.  It can also help if you determine that getting your wealth out of your country is the only way that you can keep what you have.  Increasingly severe laws regarding wealth, wealth disbursement and redistribution, inheritance and even division on death can have immense ramifications.  While the government should certainly have no say in what you do with what’s yours, the situation is very different today.

Having dual passports gives you the chance to get out – to get away from the situation the moment you realize things are starting to go south. Having only one passport means that you’ll have to stick it out, suffering through the horrors that come.  That thought isn’t particularly appealing, is it?

How do you go about getting another passport?  Obviously, a marriage of convenience can be the right way to go (if you’re not already married, of course).  However, there are quite a few other ways in which you can attain another citizenship (and another passport).  Each country around the world has slightly different criteria – some will force you to renounce citizenship in your old country (these should be avoided for obvious reasons).  Making the right decision in the nation providing your second passport is important, but simply getting another one is the most important consideration of all.

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