Offshore Company Formation Should Stick To Certain Necessary Offshore Compliances

With the relaxed rules and welcoming hands, a lot of countries in the world are bringing in investors and corporate businesses to establish offices in the host location. The policies of various countries have been changed or newly established to allow such off shoring possible. But, such companies which are putting up their offshore offices, need to follow some guidelines which allows them to be compliant with the policies of the host country.

The foremost work of importance is the formation of the memorandum and articles of association or bylaws. These are documentary detailing of the objectives, internal processes and the type of the company.

The next step to start off the company is to get the certificate of incorporation which has to be issued by a company licensing authority of the respective company.

For the offshore company formation, there is the need of the office in the offshore location which is required to be registered from the authorities. Some offshore companies might also give their operational charges to another company and incorporate it with their centralised offices. The joint ventures are examples of such offshore company incorporation.

The registered office is very much necessary as it should have a postal and communication address in the host nation. The shareholders are the real and legal owners of the company, but the running can be done by a director or chairman who has been appointed by the shareholders. The board of members have to pass the decisions in the majority. Most of the times, the board members run the affairs of the company, as it is in UAE offshore company.

Some regions can have directors, managers and board members from different organizations, and such a rule should be read out clearly during the offshore company registration. The need of company directors is there for the tax purposes in the resident country where the offshore company is located.

Most of the offshore company registration process requires the appointment of a company secretary who is responsible for the meetings and the paper works. These people are considered very important as they ensure that the company meets the statutory obligations and they are competent as liaison centres for the company in the foreign location. The UAE offshore company consultants have specialist company secretaries who look after the company formation and registration in a very efficient manner.


The paper works of the company are another important feature that is looked into for successful offshore company incorporation. These records are required during audit and they are necessary to be maintained from the very beginning of the company. Every passing director, the minutes of the meetings, and the infrastructure and other stores are noted down on the papers of these records.


With regulated papers and proper audit services, these companies can get established in a big way and go on to prosper, themselves, as well as contribute to the development of the economy of the host country. Most companies are eager to have offshore company registration so that they can operate freely with least of the worries about taxation, asset management and the red-tapism.

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