Financial bloggers focused on the future of digital currency and it’s a golden tale. Tom Taulli, over on InvestorPlace has a great article entitled:

What to Do With Apple’s $76.2 Billion? Try iGold

Here is a clip:

Well, one idea is something I call iGold.

OK, here’s the concept: As budget deficits continue to balloon and the money supply has exploded, it seems inevitable that inflation will become a big problem. The result will be a depreciation of Apple’s cash balance.

But with iGold, the company would buy roughly 48 million ounces of gold and store it under the proposed location of the new Apple mega-campus in Cupertino, Calif. It would be a cutting-edge Fort Knox and represent a smart way to hedge against inflation.

What’s more, iGold could become the basis of Apple’s mobile currency. With millions of people using iPhones and iPads, there already is a pervasive distribution footprint to create a global monetary system. But with the backing of iGold, there certainly would be lots of confidence. It definitely would have a better chance than the shaky U.S. dollar.

Read the full article here.

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