Use Anonymous Proxy to Keep Peeping Internet Service Providers From Watching You

Using Anonymous Proxy is a must if you are concerned about your privacy on the internet. To surf on the net safely and securely to protect your sensitive financial and personal data you need to use Anonymous Proxy.

Anonymous Proxy is a process that allows you to hide your identity on the internet. Whenever you are connected to the internet your computer is assigned an identification number by your Internet Service Provider. This is termed as IP or IP address.

If you think that you are private when you surf the Internet, you’re sadly mistaken. Every site you visit, every email you send, goes through the server of your ISP. As you might have heard recently on the news, the only way to guarantee your security is to use an Anonymous Proxy. It sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? First, you need to know why you may need one.

According to Colorado Law School professor Paul Ohm, there may be more to worry about than we know. Ohm says, “…almost no other entity poses a greater threat to privacy than the ISP.” While some Internet users are aware of this, most haven’t entertained any major concerns about all their private information that is transmitted. Up until now, ISPs haven’t had the technology to really play around with people’s privacy.

Those are the operative words: up until now. Deep packet inspection gear is being developed by several software companies that can not only collect this data; it can sort it so it can be sold to advertisers so you can be targeted by marketers preying on your harvested interests. The companies with this software are offering large amounts of cash to ISPs for this information. What ISP is going to want to turn down money? Another aspect is that the government, in the interests of being able to wiretap a user’s Internet data if they are suspected of acting against this country has required ISPs to install this kind of gear. Just in case. Now more than ever before you need to protect your privacy and the way to do it is by using Private Proxy.

Your ISPs want a piece of this most lucrative pie. Can you blame them, really? It is almost like getting free money. But those in favor of privacy compare this tracking of your preferences to the post office opening your mail to help them decide which ads and catalogs to send to your mailbox.

Can you really be sure your ISPs can be trusted? One of the best tools in your personal arsenal against invasion of your privacy is to use an Anonymous Proxy. Using a proxy helps protect your personal information and allows you to shop securely online. It prevents your surfing from being tracked.

Anonymous surfing is ensured by the proxy changing your IP address frequently. At one moment it may look like you’re coming from somewhere in the United States… an hour later you may be surfing from a server in Europe. When you use the Internet, you can’t help but leave an electronic trail showing where you’ve been. When a proxy changes your IP address, the trail leads back to the proxy and not to you.

Your ISP will not be able to keep an accurate log of your usage. All the communications you send are encrypted so your ISP and even criminals who may be monitoring your WiFi use cannot read your information. If you’re traveling, using an Anonymous Proxy makes a non-secure connection from your hotel safe and secure. Other unsecured networks like airports, coffee shops and other public internet locations can allow you a secure connection by using an Anonymous Proxy.

If you have a business, using an Anonymous Proxy allows you to check out your competitors’ websites without their knowledge. If they know you’re looking at their site, they can send you to a dummy site to mislead you. An Anonymous Proxy also allows you to avoid restrictive posting limits. If you’re looking to publicize your own website, you can do so anonymously so they can’t track it to you. Likewise, if you’ve been banned from a site, you can gain access easily and keep it due to the changing IP address.

As you can see, there are some security issues you need to worry about online. It’s a terrible thing when you can’t even trust your ISP. But by using an Anonymous Proxy, you can bypass many of the dangers this tracking exposes you to. It is useful not only for businesses, but to protect your own personal information.

Now that you understand how your privacy and financial security is threatened on the internet and you know there are methods to protect yourself you must head on now to: to learn what you need to do protect yourself. The author of this article, Andrew Virender of, is a leading expert and published author in this area.

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