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Television viewers are used to seeing commercials that encourage them to exchange their gold for money.

Now, they can expect to see commercials suggesting they exchange their money for gold, thanks to American Principles in Action, a group that advocates the gold standard.

On Thursday, the group launched two television ads that encourage viewers to support a return to the gold standard. The first ad portrays a senator confessing his national spending problem to his psychiatrist, who suggests that he adopt the gold standard to limit the amount of money he can print and spend.

The second ad addresses the problems with a currency that can fluctuate in value, with citizens watching paper currency literally shrink in their wallets.

The goal of these ads, according to Policy Director for American Principles in Action Jeff Bell, is to bring awareness to voters in the hopes that it becomes a major issue in the 2012 election. Currently, the only candidate bringing attention to this issue is Ron Paul, who is a staunch supporter.

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The ads are being shown in Iowa to get the attention of those attending the Iowa caucus early next year.

“The main thing is to get the caucus-goers to ask the right questions of the candidates,” he said.

Despite the lack of national attention, Bell is confident that there is a growing interest with officials at the state level. “They’re willing to go outside of the box,” he said, explaining that state officials are more willing than national politicians to tackle “gold and other things that might be seen as bold.

“They’re much more open to that at the state level,” he said, “in part because they’re closer to the people.”

Earlier this year, Utah became the first state to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender. The bill was passed in March and took effect in May. According to Bell, twelve other states are attempting to pass similar legislation, “and the number has been growing.” Inspired by the current economic situation and Utah’s success story, “the interest has taken a quantum leap in the last few months,” Bell said.

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Bell is optimistic that interest will continue to grow. “I think that people sense that something is wrong,” he said. “[The gold standard] really gives the people control of the money supply. It takes it away from Ph.D.s and elites in Washington.”

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