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Do you think your personal and sensitive information is safe on “secure” sites? Do you think anonymous proxies are only for people with something to hide? Think again. There are several reasons a normal, everyday person may need an anonymous proxy for perfectly legitimate reasons. Anonymous surfing is entirely possible and, at times, entirely necessary.

One reason to use an anonymous proxy is a simple desire for privacy. Search engines, such as Google, track every search query. Some people, even if doing nothing wrong, are uncomfortable with being perpetually watched by a third party they have never met. The major search engines not only track people’s searches, but also store this information for up to eighteen months. It’s easy to see how any person would be disturbed by this infringement to their privacy.

Another reason to use an anonymous proxy is to avoid targeted ads. Certain advertising companies track a person’s movements throughout their internet sessions so they can use pop-ups to advertise on that person’s computer screen. Other companies track the information and then sell it to the highest bidder so they can use similar methods of advertisement–or do whatever they want with the information. This can mean that anyone, criminal or honest, government or corporation, may be able to track you.

Some people use anonymous proxies because they have been unfairly banned from a website or chat room. Sometimes moderators or webmasters at a favorite site arbitrarily block someone for purely personal reasons. Although this is a violation of a person’s fundamental right to move freely about the Internet, there is little one can do to get unblocked beyond appealing to the person responsible for the blocking. Using an anonymous proxy not only allows people to visit sites from which they have been blocked, it effectively keeps them from being blocked again.

Sometimes people use an anonymous proxy or anonymous surfing practices to find information about competitors or family members without being traced. Unfortunately surfers can be traced through their IP address by any website they visit. Using an anonymous proxy effectively thwarts this. Because anonymous proxies use different IP addresses, and none of them traceable to the user, people can browse while secure in the knowledge that they are completely anonymous.

People with websites also benefit from anonymous proxies because they can post positive comments about their websites in popular forums without being discovered as the website owner. This kind of word-of-mouth advertising is both the rarest and the most effective. If you aren’t using this deceptive, but entirely legal, method to bring traffic to your website, you are at a distinct disadvantage because other websites out there are using this technique.

Anonymous proxies can be used for anonymous reporting in cases where people fear reprisal. Although most people believe the government is on their side, there are too many cases of corruption for this to be realistic. An anonymous proxy makes sure whistleblowers and reporters are entirely anonymous and thus, entirely safe. In other countries, anonymous servers help oppressed citizens notify the world of injustices in their community without fear or imprisonment and death.

Some people feel that using a proxy for internet surfing is unnecessary because the most current version of Internet Explorer has a privacy mode. Although this will keep people who have access to the computer from tracking these users, it will not keep the visited websites from tracking the user. Even in privacy mode, there is no privacy. The only way to achieve true privacy is to use an anonymous proxy.

Are you still convinced that surfing the web is safe and anonymous without an anonymous proxy? Even as you read this, there are people out there who can track you. If you are comfortable with that reality, you truly have no need for an anonymous proxy. If you think this violation of your basic right to privacy is disturbing, now is the time to take action. Sign up for an anonymous proxy and start anonymous surfing today!


President and founder of Privacy Partners, LLC. Privacy Partners is a privately held company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2003, the company creates and markets privacy software for consumers. The company and its products have won numerous technology awards. Click here for more information about Internet Privacy or Anonymous Surfing

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