Local or community currency is the close cousin to our digital currency. There is an important link between these two types of “money”. John puts on an amazing course in CCs, I took one of his courses about a year ago and it helped me a lot so I’m alerting you to his next course. 3 – 7 September, 2011, The Park, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland  ~ Mark

Do you see yourself as a designer and co-creator of this future, including local currencies?

Have you ever wondered why so many local currencies are launched with such high hopes and then fail?

If you answer YES to all three questions, then you may like to join us at Findhorn, 3-7 September,  to learn together how to create better currency systems that will stand the test of time. The first ‘On The Money’ workshop at Findhorn College in 2010 attracted 12 participants from Europe, USA and South Africa. This year’s workshop features live guest speakers (in order of appearance):  Peter North, lecturer at Liverpool University and author of ‘Local Money’; Richard Logie, founder of the Business Exchange in Aberdeen; and Susan Witt, founder of the Berkshares local currency in the US by teleconference.

Watch a short video about the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MepzD9Xfp1Q
On The Money 2011 is now taking bookings: http://www.findhorncollege.org/programmes/onthemoney.php

See you at Findhorn!

John Rogers & Leander Bindewald, workshop facilitators

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