SurfSecret KeyPad Identity Theft Protection

  • Get optimal protection while surfing and shopping online by storing this info using 128-bit government strength encryption, then automatically filling the information in with one simple click
  • You are the only person who can access the sensitive data; safely store multiple profiles (for your personal and business needs for example) and select which profile to use on each site – automatically filling long forms with just one click
  • Using an optional USB flash drive, bring the critical data with you wherever you go, having all login and credit card information with you giving you the ability to use the USB on a public computer and never leave a trace of that information behind
  • KeyPad can automatically generate complex passwords that are algorithmically more secure than the passwords you could ever remember on your own

SurfSecret KeyPad is a superior identity theft solution that enables you to safely store you most valuable private information on your PC without fear of cyber-criminals. SurfSecret KeyPad stores and automatically fills-in your user names and passwords, credit cards, expiration dates, addresses, phone numbers, and more. Each time you visit a site requiring a login, or use an online shopping cart, KeyPad automatically enters this information with just one click. No more forgotten passwords, or se

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 19.98

XMicro Internet Security Suite

  • Antispyware
  • Internet Privacy, Personal Firewall
  • Anonymous Surfing
  • Anti Spam, AntiPhishing
  • Password Manager

Consists of: Antispyware, Internet Privacy, Personal Firewall, Anonymous Surfing, Anti Spam, AntiPhishing, Password Manager.

Scans for more than 70,000 components
Fastest Scanning mechanism – Average time of 5 minutes to scan complete hard disk
Automatic incremental signature updates – 6 to 8 signature sets released every week
User friendly view for the detected Spyware showing severity, type and description
Option to schedule a scan at user’s convenience
Realtime Scanning – Continuously s


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