The Zen of Surfing Anonymously

A man is sitting in front of his computer.  It is evening.  The smell of supper is in the air.  His children are quietly doing their homework.  The dog is curled at his feet.

All is peaceful and serene.  It is the very picture of domestic bliss.  He smiles lazily.  His digital footprint is masked.  He is in his perfect cyberspace; he is surfing anonymously.  He has his anti-virus.  He is safe from spyware with his anti-spyware.  He’s not worried about hackers because of his firewall.  And now he is a peace because he is not leaving a digital footprint.

And that, my friends is the zen of surfing anonymously.  That quiet assurance, that calm and peaceful demeanor, that absolute trust that the technological boogie men of the internet will never disturb the purity of his hard drive, will never be capable of sniffing out his electronic trail, or steal what makes him, him.  The sum total of his life and livelihood…his identity.  He is surfing anonymously.

This happy, tranquil man surfing anonymously could easily be any of us, if we too would move into the aura of safety that surfing anonymously by proxy can bring.  Now, this man is also a wise man.  He studied the art of surfing anonymously and discovered not all proxy sites are safe.  Yes, surfing anonymously through these sites that cloaked IP information, provided him some — anonymity, but luckily the knowledge he made part of the “experience” warned him of the dark evils that existed…better known as “non-encrypted data transfer.”

While his location was hidden, any information he sent by proxy was laid bare to the servers, and could be viewed and collected by those unseen eyes that lurk, seeking to usurp all the information they can for either personal use or for profit.

This man is a wise man.  Instead of relying on free proxy servers, he invested in software that specialized in surfing anonymously, a software that protected all his interests, giving him the kind of peace of mind only possible when one feels completely secure in his actions.

By surfing anonymously, the electronic footprints he leaves behind do not lead back to him, but to a proxy server that offers an IP address not his own.

By surfing anonymously, no “big brother” ISP is leaning over his shoulder, logging and monitoring the sites he visits.  The communications are encrypted, and his privacy, maintained.

By surfing anonymously, there is no Search Engine Profiling, no Website Restrictions, and no Restricted Posting Limits.  By surfing anonymously, he visits banned areas freely, accesses his financial accounts in complete confidence and avoids fraudulent hotspots when using his laptop in public places.

There is much more that this man can do than this short article can tell.  But it is easy to see he is a man at peace, secure in his Internet travels, and a ghost in the machine.  He owes it all to doing his software homework and making a wise investment in anonymous surfing software.

President and founder of Privacy Partners, LLC. Privacy Partners is a privately held company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2003, the company creates and markets privacy software for individuals and small businesses. The company and its products have won numerous technology awards. Click here for more information about Anonymous Surfing or click here for more information on Internet Privacy.

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