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Million OZ March – Silver and Gold in Every Pocket in Utah

Utah Silver and Gold Staged to Kill the Bank – Utah Vs Fed

With the passing of the Utah Sound Money Act; The Utah Legal Tender Act.

This bill recognizes gold and silver coins that are issued by the federal government as legal tender in the state and exempts the exchange of the coins from certain types of state tax liability.

Utah Silver Liberation Army Orders;

We need to enlist every person in Utah and need to create groups of the Utah SLA, who are ready to hit the streets, colleges and churches.

We need for every Silver Soldier in Utah to send out a call to action and get their friends and families to convert $20.00 – $1000.00 into silver. Silver that can be purchased or transferred from debt notes now and used to pay taxes some other year at a better price (Tax Free).

The Alarm Bell has been run. Now Ring the Silver Bell of Liberty.


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