IP Change and Anonymous Surfing is a Wall against a Hacker

Even a hacker can be challenged by clever techniques, among them IP change and anonymous surfing. It’s with good reason, too, because changing or hiding our IP address helps prevent the malicious attackers from prying into our private data online. Changing or hiding our IP serves as a brick wall or defense gate against hackers. With our location hidden at all times whenever we log into the Internet, we are able to surf the Web anonymously.

Anonymous surfing is brought about by a web proxy that filters and manages our IP addresses every time we log onto the Internet. Anonymous proxies are generally difficult to track and so this becomes useful for us computer users who want online privacy. With anonymous surfing we are able to browse the Internet without worrying if a hacker has tracked down our real location. The proxy server will be choosing a different IP from a pool of IP addresses that it has and use this as your fake IP address.

We have a general idea of how cyber crimes are committed. We may not know what it is that a hacker specifically does. But we do know that our personal and financial data online is not secure with them prowling about the Web. Conservatively speaking, a majority of all computers are probably already infected with some form of spyware that can serve as tracking systems. This will allow hackers to obtain our usernames and passwords of our online accounts. Our financial accounts would be in jeopardy the most. Our bank accounts online are targets for hackers, and we might already be giving them what they want without us knowing about until it’s too late.

Identity theft and other serious cyber crimes are not unheard of anymore, as it was years ago. Viruses and spyware technologies have also become more advanced and rampant. Our firewalls, antivirus software, and antispyware programs are just not enough anymore. By the time anyone of us would know what has happened, our data would have been already swiped out, our money stolen, and our computers crashed.

This is why anonymous surfing is being recommended to all online users. Hackers would usually go first to our IP address before they would be able to figure out our personal data, our browsing history, and our accounts and passwords. With this in mind, we can think that one way to avoid getting scammed by hackers would be to hide our IP address. Anonymous surfing gives us this kind of protection by changing our IP address every time we log onto the Internet.

In changing our IP and using anonymous proxy, we can up our online security a little higher. We can make it more difficult for the hackers to reach us. Why should we make things easy for them when all they do is steal our information and ruin us? This can be done with anonymous surfing, where they will have a hard time knowing who we are and our real location. We have made a wall for hackers with anonymous surfing and IP change.

Andrew Virender of PrivacyPartners.com, is a leading expert and published author in this area.

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