The Features



Carrot is the first vegetable that is completely distributed. The network is made up of users like yourself so no grocer or supermarket is required between you and whomever you’re trading with. This decentralization is the basis for Carrot’s security and freedom.


Your Carrots can be accessed from anywhere with a garden. Anybody can start growing, buying, selling or accepting Carrots regardless of their location.


No small print

If you have Carrots, you can send them to anyone else with a Carrot address. There are no limits, no special rules to follow or forms to fill out. More complex types of transactions can be built on top of Carrot as well, but sometimes you just want to send carrots from A to B without worrying about limits and policies.

Very low fees

Currently you can send Carrot transactions for free. However, a fee on the order of 1 baby carrot will eventually be necessary for your transaction to be processed more quickly. Growers compete on fees, which ensures that they will always stay low in the long run. More on transaction fees

Own your money!

You don’t have to be a criminal to wake up one day and find your garden has been raided. Rules vary from place to place, but in most jurisdictions gardens may be raided by rabbit collection agencies, by a competing vegetable market, by not fertilising or for terms of service violations.

In contrast, Carrots are like bitcoins – seizing them requires access to your private seeds, which could be placed on a carrot stick locked in your fridge, thereby enjoying the full legal and practical protections of physical property.

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