PYLE PLCD9MR AM/FM-MPX In-Dash Marine CD Player with Full Face Detachable Panel

  • In-Dash Marine CD/CDR/CDRW Player – Full Function Wireless Remote Control – Anti-Skip Mechanism – Full Function LCD Display – Chassis Dimensions: 7”W x 7”D x 1.96”H
  • PLL Synthesizer Stereo Radio – Digital Compact Disc Player – Auto Power Loading – Auto Best Station Memory
  • Anti-Theft Detachable Face – Bit D/A Converter – Auxiliary Input Function – Loudness Mute Button
  • AM/FM MPX Electronic Tuning Receiver (USA) – 3-Beam Laser Tracking – Minute, Second Track Display – Full Illumination Carrying Case
  • Program CD Tracks – 8x Oversampling – 30 Station Memory (18FM/12AM) – 4 x 40 Watts Maximum Total Output

Pyle’s Hydra series has the solution for your marine audio needs – this PLCD9MR white head unit is capable of tuning AM/FM, playing audio and MP3 CDs, and has an auxiliary input to plug in another device like an iPod or MP3 player. It’s rated at 4 x 40 watts, so each speaker has plenty of independent power. And it comes with everything you’ve come to expect from a modern head unit: 3-beam laser tracking, anti-skip mechanism, loudness settings, and a 30 station memory. The LCD screen is b

List Price: $ 179.99

Price: $ 179.99

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