Offshore Web Hosting

Offshore hosting means getting your site hosted across a distant far off location because of certain reasons. The reason can be low price, advanced features or better services. Most of the developed countries have been outsourcing to developing or less-developed countries for web hosting.

There are two parallel scenarios of offshore hosting – users from advanced countries are getting sites hosted in developing countries for lower costs, and users from developing countries may prefer hosts in advanced countries for reliability, security, or advanced features. And this trend of offshore hosting is not new.

Hosting is comparatively expansive in countries such as in US, UK or Australia than in Asian countries. So people in these countries prefer hosting in Asian countries because the resources are cheaper, the setup cost of hosting environment is less, and even maintenance and overheads are fewer.

It does not mean that only low cost should be the criteria to select a hosting company. Analyse in detail the features, services, what you need, and what you are promised. Cost is just one of the factors. Also, you should not always try to get your site hosted at a location near to your office or residence. If your target audience is far off in other countries, try to get it hosted there even if it is little expensive because it would help in SEO and boost your business.

In offshore hosting, try to understand the working culture, time zone difference and the local language of the country where you plan to host your site. It helps in avoiding common issues such as communication gap, time required to resolve technical issues, and it would reduce unnecessary documentation.

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