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For over 34 years, the Casper P. Connolly & Associates Law Firm has been a leader in providing Asset Protection Planning services to its clients to properly protect them from the ever increasing frivolous lawsuits and unwarranted legal actions that often arise in today’s society. Proper and effective asset protection planning services are vital, as the Casper P. Connolly & Associates Law Firm has discovered over the years that many individuals have been mislead or misinformed by unscrupulous promoters concerning the need for proper asset protection, estate planning and wealth preservation planning. They have reviewed over 1000 estate planning and asset protection structures only to find that over 95% of them were inadequate and failed to provide the maximum protections available under current law.

The Casper P. Connolly Law Firm and its associates have an in-depth understanding of asset protection planning, tax-planning and estate preservation and have always provided its clients with the highest degree of protection and privacy for all of their business and financial affairs.

Asset protection planning structures may include limited partnerships, domestic and/or offshore limited liability companies, charitable remainder trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, domestic asset protection trusts and/or offshore asset protection trusts. The success of such vehicles depend upon how much protection is provided by the type of asset protection vehicle, how well the documents are drafted, whether the structure is properly and fully implemented, and where [state or country] the entities are domiciled. Thus, proper asset protection vehicles not only protect assets against an unfavorable judgment by a future creditor it also reduces the risk that an individual will be sued in the first place.

One highly popular vehicle being utilized is a specially-designed Domestic Asset Protection Trust [“DAPT”] structure. However, to be successful one must use the services of a law firm experienced and highly qualified in the areas of domestic tax, tort and asset protection law. Another is the Offshore Asset Protection Trust [“OAPT”] structure which is an effective barrier against future creditor’s claims because the laws of certain offshore trust havens make it much more difficult for creditors to obtain jurisdiction over, or to levy against, an OAPT, even if the settlor retains an interest in the trust income or property.

Counsel Casper P. Connolly has been practicing law in the State of Michigan continually for 37 years. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree from the Detroit College of Law and his B.A. from Wayne State University. His law practice concentrates upon Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate matters and Asset Protection.

For the client’s vital asset protection planning, estate planning and wealth preservation structures and services, he/she can contact the Casper P. Connolly & Associates Law Firm. They have years of experience and expertise to help a client properly protect his/her assets and estate from the threat of lawsuits, legal actions and a host of other possible problems. Their carefully designed structures will give the client and his or her family present and future peace of mind and security. The Casper P. Connolly & Associates Law Firm offers a free 20 minute phone consultation. Call 989-539-3996 or visit Professionalassetprotectionservices.

The Connolly Law Firm has 34 years of experience drafting effective financial and asset planning documents. They use their experience to ensure that you are well protected in any of your financial investments around the world. For more information, please visit

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