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Gold currency has intrinsic value which other currencies lack. The prices rise and fall in a given fiat currency. Studies and experts have shown that gold has a set value whereas currencies like the dollar are prone to inflation. That means, the price denominated in dollars or yen, will go up making an investment in gold a great hedge against inflation. After you invest in gold bars then the next step is to know about the selling procedure of gold bars and make profit.

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Here are the steps to follow;

Look for a buyer in your area with the local yellow pages or online with your favorite search engine. Search thorough the internet, and choose the buyer who has good reputation. For that you can also read customer reviews to get to know your company.

You should have prior knowledge about the spot price with your most trusted financial resource. The spot price is generally quoted per troy ounce or per 100 grams. The spot price may change two times a day.

The quality of gold also matters. By quality, I mean the karats. Gold bullion bars have almost 100% quality; you just need to simply multiply the spot price by the weight of your bars to find their value. Other gold bars may have varying value based on their object and collector interest.

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You can sell your bars at the local dealer like pawn shops, mall kiosks, etc. of your choice or online on eBay or a reputable dealer site. For this, you have to make sure that, you have cash in your hand or deposited in your bank account before shipping.

Hence, these are simple steps to follow. The more important thing is know about your buyer and his reputation.


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